Friday, July 22, 2016

The delay continues...

While I had originally planned to be up and running again, I regret to say that the delay to restart the series will continue for a little while longer. I have started a new job, and am still adjusting to the schedule. That means my brain is typically fried when I want to sit down and write.

Square Zero is not dead, but it is on hiatus for a while longer, because I don't want to just push out filler chapters for the series. I want to go back in with a solid game plan on where things are going to go. I also want to go in with an idea of where these series are going to eventually end. This is especially true of Eye See You. The series is ramping up for its big finish, and I want to make sure that it is worthwhile. I don't want a series that I have been writing for so long to finish on a whimper.

So, keep checking back for more news. Hopefully I will start getting stuff up in the coming weeks.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Slime pt. 7

“You know the way down to the bunker?” Heather glanced at Marco.

Marco nodded.

“Good, she said. Then you’ll be my guide.” She smiled, and gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Are there any other guys down there? Anyone you should alert?”

He replied. “Yeah, next time we get to a communications hub I’ll try and get a hold of them.”

It was Heather’s turn to nod. Then she motioned for Marco to lead the way.

They moved quickly towards the edge of the recreational district. The path wasn’t clear, though. Several more sections of the compound had started to crumble, and there were sinkholes everywhere. It felt like the whole place was coming down around them.

“Shit,” said Marco.

“What?” Heather replied.

He glanced around, looking at the dome above them, and the nearest walls. “We need to move faster. I just thought of something.” He picked up his pace, and Heather tried to keep up.

“Mind sharing it with me?” She was starting to get short on breath.

“If the instability effects the dome we could have a breach, and then this whole area could depressurize. If that happens we’ll be sucked out into space” He broke into a quick jog. “Or we’ll just explode because of the sudden shift in pressure.”

Heather didn’t respond. Neither option sounded all that pleasurable.

They found a clear stretch of path that was a straight shot to one of the doors that could be sealed behind them. Past there and they would be into the operational district. All they needed to do was get through that doorway, seal it up, and make their way down to the central control room. They moved as fast as possible, their footfalls sounding hollow on the ground underneath their feet. Heather could hear the crack and creak as more of the recreational district fell away, and the fear alone gave her a second wind.

“Just a little further,” Marco muttered.

Then he froze, and Heather nearly ran into him. She was about to complain, but shut her mouth when she looked towards the door.

Standing in the doorway were two figures. Both of them were stock still, and just watching. Well, one was watching. The other one couldn’t physically be watching them. He lacked a head, although something bright and green glowed from the ragged stump of his neck.
Heather’s hand shot to her mouth, muffling the scream that came bursting up. It was just enough noise for the two figures to lock onto them.

“Fuck.” Marco whispered.

“I’m sorry,” Heather said.

That was when the two figures starting running towards them. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Series Updates and The New Schedule

First, there will be no new Tentacle University 2 chapter today. There will, however, be a new episode of Slime tomorrow.

Okay, so after thinking this over I have settled on a new schedule. There are going to be a couple of big changes, and a few small ones.

The first big change is that Tentacle University 2 is being put on hiatus. The series is going alright, but I need to do some serious plotting and planning to make sure it doesn't turn into a complete disaster. So when the blog resumes in mid-July, Tentacle University 2 will not be returning with it.

With Eye See You's new arc, Mutation, the series will be moving to one day a week, with longer posts to make up for the reduced schedule. Those posts will be posted on Tuesdays.

New Pom Pom Angel will continue to post on Mondays, and will be starting a new arc when it returns with New Pom Pom Angel: Heart's Dance.

There will be no changes to Rituals, and the series will continue to post in its regular slot.

Slime will be moving to Thursday when the new schedule kicks in. When Slime ends Tentacle University 2 will resume in the Thursday slot.

So, the new schedule is as follows:

Mon-New Pom Pom Angel
Tues-Eye See You
Wed- Rituals
Thurs-Slime/Tentacle University 2 (replacing Slime when the mini-series ends)

Until July 11th everyone!