Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pom Pom Angel: Love Rescue pt. 1 (NEW SERIAL)

Missy barely remembered her life. She still had a few memories, of course, but she didn’t really remember the details.  Like, she couldn’t remember someone’s face, or name, or they way their voice had sounded.  When she thought back to her life on earth, her memories seemed to be filled with shadows instead of people.  Still, she remembered two details very clearly.

The first was that she was a cheerleader before she died.  She was a good one, too.  As far as she could tell from the few memories she was able to hold on to, she was all state in cheering, and not just on a high school level.  No, she had made it to the big leagues.  She had managed to make the squad at her college.  She knew it was a big deal, even if she couldn’t actually remember the name of the school she had gone to.

Even now, as she resided in the Realm of the Angels, she still wore her old cheerleading uniform.  The outfit was a stark white sweater, with blue trim, and a blue and white pleated skirt.  Her short, shoulder length hair was still pulled back into two pigtails that bounced when she ran.  She couldn’t remember her exact age, especially since she was obviously a good deal older then she appeared, but she was pretty sure that she had been around nineteen or twenty when she had entered the Realm, so she still maintained her youthful, some would say even perky, glow.   Honestly, if it wasn’t for her wings, she would probably have resembled a very normal, healthy college student.

The second was that, when she was alive, she was happy.  Obviously she wasn’t happy all the time.  That’s just not possible.  Still, she knew that in her short time on earth, she had been happy.  She didn’t really remember her parents, but she knew they were good to her.  She knew she had friends, too, lots of friends.  Sometimes she missed them, but deep down she knew that someday, hopefully not too soon, she would see them again. 

It was Missy’s cheerful disposition that had landed her in front of the Council of Angels. 

As she sat in a lone chair, in the middle of a large, white room, the council standing around her, she was reminded of that time she had been called down to the principle’s office.  It had been in the last semester of her senior year in high school, and she had gotten caught skipping study hall to go shopping.  Her parents, her teacher and her principal had all stood around her, looking at her the same way the Council of Angels was looking at her now. 

“Missy,” an old man who stood at the center of the small huddle spoke first, “we were wondering… Well, someone had recommended you for the position of Guardian Angel, and while we usually avoid sending someone so young, we just thought that…” 

Missy’s face lit up, “Are you serious?  That would totally be amazing!” 

“It’s not as easy as you would think.”  A woman, who appeared to be in her late forties, spoke next.  “Humans can be very… troublesome.” 

“I don’t mind.”  Missy had to control herself.  Inside she felt like she was about to start jumping up and down.  “Honestly, I kind of miss people.  I mean, you guys are great and all, but…” 

The woman smiled, the lines around her eyes crinkling.  Seeing those lines caused a little twinge of sadness to zap at Missy’s heart.  When she had been back on earth she had dreaded growing old, getting wrinkles.  Now… well, now she would never have the chance.  She got her wish.  She was eternally young, beautiful and full of energy. 

“Then we will assign you your first project. “  The old man stepped to the side, and a large image formed in the very air he had been occupying.  “This is Gus.” 

Gus looked to be about twenty-four, with shaggy brown hair, a face full of stubble, and a general air of despair around him.  His clothes were baggy and well worn.  He had on a maroon hoodie, and a pair of khaki colored cargo pants.  If Missy squinted her eyes she could almost see him as good looking. 

“Well, he doesn’t look to happy.”  Missy leaned forward, squinting her eyes more.  Gus wasn’t exactly the project she had been expecting, but he seemed normal enough. 

“He’s not.”  The woman spoke.  “Missy, our jobs as Guardian Angels is not only to protect our projects, but to help continue the spread of love through out the world.  Gus here, well, he’s completely lost faith in love.  It is your job to help him find it again.” 

Missy looked the woman in the eyes, her face serious.  “I will give you my best!  I promise!” 

The woman smiled again, and for one brief moment she seemed familiar.  “Do I know you?”  Missy stood, trying to get a closer look. 

“Maybe in a past life, my dear.”  The woman laughed.  “Now, we can discuss that later.  You, Missy Everheart, need to get yourself down to earth.  A young man’s heart needs a good dose of angelic power.” 

“Yay!  I’m like a Care Bear!”  Missy leapt up, her fist shooting into the air.  “Well, except I’m not short, furry, and a I don’t shoot stuff out of my stomach.  I guess I’m more like… I don’t know what I’m like. “  She glanced around the council, who were all staring at her, amused.  “Sorry… rambling.” 

“You’re a Guardian Angel.”  The woman stepped towards her, reaching out her hand.  “Be proud of your new title, and take care of your project.” 

Missy reached out, taking the woman’s hand in her own.  Calming warmth seemed to spread through Missy’s body.  The room around her seemed to slip away, fading into a bright, white nothing. 

“Good luck, Missy.”  The woman’s voice seemed distant now. 

Missy closed her eyes. 

“Thanks.”  She smiled, feeling the Realm of the Angels leaving her. 

She was off to earth.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Accidental Demon Slayers: Melody of Light pt. 1 (NEW ARC)

Max had known that Clare would take time adjusting back to her normal life. Even though now, one month after the whole mess at Fantasy Land, Clare seemed normal, he could see little things that worried him. 

Yes, their relationship had grown, and they had become closer.  When they were together she seemed warm and caring.  He felt safe with her, and he opened up to her, dropping his TV persona entirely when they were together. 

While their relationship was going well, her relationship with her co-workers seemed kind of icy. 

He knew why that was.  She had lost Brittany. 

He couldn’t say that she ever truly mourned.  When they had left the park she had cried, but even that night, she seemed to clamed up.  Since then she hadn’t even spoken Brittany’s name.  He knew she was doing it to protect herself, to make others realize that she was still strong, but Max knew full well that she was hurting. 

That’s why he came up with his big idea. 

A trip.  Sure, it would be a work trip for him, but not for her, and not for her friends.  It was a simple job, and he could probably wrap up the episode in a day or two, and then he and Clare could spend the rest of their trip lounging on the beaches of Heartsong Island. 

“Do you think she’ll go for it?”  Max sat across from Bobby, the café buzzing behind them. 

“I have no clue.”  Bobby just shrugged, taking a sip of his tea.  “She doesn’t really talk to me much, outside of giving me my marching orders.  It couldn’t hurt to ask, though.” 

“Has she reacted like this in the past?  To losing someone?”  Max leaned forward.  As much as he and Clare had grown closer, there were parts of her that was still a mystery to him. 

“Max, Clare is like a brick wall normally.  I’m not surprised that she’s shut down a bit since losing Brittany.  We’re all hurting, but I think it’s hitting Clare harder.  She felt responsible for Brittany. She was the boss, and she lost someone on her watch.”  He started stirring his tea, his eyes not focusing on anything.  “Being in that office isn’t helping, though.  I can barely walk by Brittany’s desk without feeling the urge to cry.  Clare… Clare won’t even look at it.” 

“Then it’s settled.  Demon Slayers Inc. is going to be joining me on an all expenses paid trip to Heartsong Island!”  Max smacked his hand down on the table. 

“Good luck pulling her away from her work.”  Bobby laughed. 

“I’ll make it happen.”  Max paused.  “I just have to keep her out of MY work when we get there.” 

“Yeah, if she can find a supernatural distraction, she’s going to take it.  You couldn’t keep her away from a possible hot spot.” 

“Don’t you underestimate Max West!”  He crossed his arms, knowing that his plan was the right one. 

“Why would he underestimate you?”  The sound of Clare’s voice made Max freeze. 

Slowly, Max turned, and standing behind him was Clare, arms crossed over her chest, a stern look on her face.  Her blonde hair, now cut short, fell over one of her eyes.  As much as she excited him, Clare could still manage to terrify Max with one glance. 

“Sweetie, hi!”  Max stood, leaning in, and giving Clare a gentle peck on the cheek. 

“What have I told you about the ‘s’ word in public?”  She rolled her eyes. 

“Right… Sorry.”  Max returned to his seat, unsure of how this was all going to play out. 

“Well, look at the time.”  Bobby checked his phone, and stood.  “I have to get back to deity training with Ashtyn and Kurt.  See you two later.” 

Max watched silently as Bobby rushed out of the café, leaving him alone with a very curious, and very annoyed Clare.  She took Bobby’s seat, leaning in close to him. 

“What are you planning?” Her voice was a flat hiss. 

A chill ran down Max’s spine.  “A vacation.  You, me, your friends, maybe Rita.” 

The words just spilled out of his mouth. 

“Max, I don’t have time.”  She leaned back, her face softening.  “Work has been swamped, and I’m up to my eyeballs in paperwork.  This just isn’t the right time for it.  I’m sorry.” 

“It’s the perfect time.”  Max leaned forward.  “Listen, I know you aren’t going to listen to me when I say how much you need this trip, so listen when I say that your friends need it, too.  They need a break from all the spooky, demon hunting crazy.  They need a chance to take a breath, and regroup.” 

“I just…” She started to make another excuse, but Max held up his hand, cutting her off. 

“No, we are all going on this trip.  That is final.”  He smiled.  “And we will have an amazing time.  I promise.” 

Clare looked like she was going to argue with him again, but he knew he had won this battle. 

“Look at you getting all macho.”  Clare raised an eyebrow.  “I kind of like it.”

Max leaned over the table, kissing her gentle on the lips. 

This was going to be perfect.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Arc that just wouldn't quit! Plus so much more!

So, that ended up going on a whole lot longer then I had expected.  40 parts!  I had never planned this story to be this long, but I have to admit, I had a blast writing it!

I hope you all enjoyed Daughter of Darkness.  I'm already planning the next arc as I type this.  I'm hoping to do something a little lighter, a little more fun, and a little more focused on the romantic lives of the Accidental Demon Slayers crew, while also supplying the over to top supernatural action.  The next arc will be called... Melody of Light.

I say I hope, because if Daughter of Darkness taught me anything, it's that a story can sometimes just take on a life of it's own.  The original plan I had for the story was nowhere near as violent, or shocking as it ended up being.  Still, I think it's time to rebuild the characters after breaking them down in the last two arcs.  Personally, it will be nice for me to take things a little slower, and let the characters relationships grow a bit.

Also, as a little test, I am adding another serial to the blog.  Posting once a week, on Wednesdays, will be a new series called Pom Pom Angel.  The first arc will be called Love Rescue.  Pom Pom Angel is a more... Square Zero take on the helpful 'goddess of love story'.  By Square Zero, I mean... kind of insane.  I've only just started the series, but so far I'm having a blast writing it.  Plus, it's nice to take a break from the more serious and violent Accidental Demon Slayers and write something that's more upbeat, and comical.   I'll be watching the numbers on Wednesday, and if Pom Pom Angel seems like it's holding readers, then I'll keep it going (but no matter what the first arc will be finished, mostly because I am to finish the arc before the first part even posts.)

So, join me next week as we start Accidental Demon Slayers: Melody of Light and Pom Pom Angel: Love Rescue!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Accidental Demon Slayers: Daughter of Darkness pt. 40 (END OF ARC)

Rita hadn’t said much on the ride back to the city.  Even now, sitting in her hotel room, her mind hadn’t fully wrapped itself around what she had experienced.  Sure, she had been able to fill the others in on what Ujin had told her, explaining the Dark and Light Scribes, the Nameless. 

To them it was all just interesting information.  It was something to add to a database. 

To her, it was her history. 

There was darkness in her bloodline.  It was something wicked.  She had no idea if it had passed down to her, but she had seen it in her father, a father she had never thought existed. She was the child of violence, the daughter of a psychotic madman who had sold his body, and her body, to a cause that only wanted destruction, and pain. 

She stood up, looking in the mirror.  She wondered if she looked like her father, you know, back when he still had a face.  When she had seen him, he was all just shapes and twisting muscles and tendons.  Even though his form was human, he hardly looked it. 

She closed her eyes. 

There was something inside of her.  It wasn’t something physical, but a feeling, a connection.  It had always been there, she guessed, but for the first time she knew what it was.  She was connected to that same darkness that had drawn her father into the abyss. 

Unlike her father, she would refuse to let it control her.  No, she would control it.  She could, she knew she could.  It would be a struggle, but she had faced plenty of struggles in her life, and she had always overcome them.  She could do this.  She knew she could. 

She hoped she could. 

Oh dear God, did she hope. 

To Be Continued...

(End of Daughter of Darkness) 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Accidental Demon Slayers: Daughter of Darkness pt. 39

Once Ujin was dead, the dolls stopped moving, and the thrones released the deities.  All the magic he had put into place was gone.  The dark cloud was lifted, and Fantasy Land was no longer the house of horrors it once was, and was not just like any crappy amusement park that still littered small towns in America. 

Even after everyone had left, and Juktha had rejoined with Bobby, and Tabitha had rejoined with Ashtyn, Kurt stayed behind.  This was the first time he had ever seen his deity, and that night he had almost lost him. 

“So, this is what you look like.”  Kurt looked over the old man.  His white beard seemed to curl at the tip, and his hands were bony, with long, thing fingers.  His face was wrinkled and worn, but more importantly, it was kind. 

“Are you disappointed?  I may not be as visually appealing as Tabitha or Juktha, but I promise you, I will serve you well, my boy.”  Doctore smiled, holding out his hand. 

“You already have.”  Kurt reached out, taking Doctore’s hand in his.  “Thank you for helping me save my boyfriend, my friends.” 

“That was all you, Kurt.”  Doctore smiled.  “I just gave you the tools.  You were the one who did the hard work.” 

“I have to ask, why me?”  Kurt looked down at his hands, which were still covered in dried blood.  “Why did you decide to reside in me?” 

“You have touched the divine, you have experienced the hellish.  Your mind was ready, and the Scribes saw fit to give you a companion to help guide you through the unnatural and supernatural world you find yourself so constantly thrown into.”  Doctore looked down the long corridor that led out of the temple.  In the distance they could both see the golden glow of the sun starting to rise.  “You and your friends have many battles ahead, and I am here to aid you in that fight.” 

Kurt nodded.  “Good to know.” 

Doctore motioned towards the corridor.  “Come, your friends are waiting for us.  We can talk later.” 

Kurt started down the long corridor, and as he walked, he could feel Doctore’s essence join with him again.  While it still felt strange, it also felt right. 


On the boat ride back, Clare didn’t say much.  She just sat there, Max at her side.  She was exhausted, yes, but even worse, she was heart broken.  Brittany hadn’t been the first friend she had lost, and she knew she wouldn’t be the last, but it still hurt. 

It hurt even worse because it finally seemed like Brittany was starting to adjust to being in the human realm.  She was connecting with people.  She… she was actually happy about meeting a guy.  Then, in one moment, that life was snuffed out. 

“You okay?”  Max looked at her, their eyes meeting. 

“No.”  Clare barely croaked out the word before the sobs threatened to start again. 

“What are you going to do?”  He brushed a few strands of hair from her face.

“I don’t know.”  Clare wiped a tear from her cheek.  “Keep fighting, I guess.”

“Well, if you need anything, you know I’m there for you, right?”  He smiled, kissing her gently on the forehead. 

“Max,” she glanced up at him.  “I don’t want to be alone tonight.” 

“Then you won’t be.” 

He kissed her, softly.  It was a small, simple kiss, but it was enough to calm her down.  It was enough to help her make it through the rest of the boat ride.  Now she understood why Bobby needed Kurt so badly.  Having that person there, having someone you care about, and who cares about you, made it all that much harder, but also, that much easier.  It gave you a home, a place to look forward to. 

When she glanced at Max, part of her wondered if he could be that person.  At that moment, with all the TV gloss and Hollywood glamour stripped away, she thought that maybe he could be. 


Rico sat on the edge of the van, unsure of how he had even gotten there.  The last thing he remembered was some crazy lady slashing at his next, and then he was there, sleeping in the back of the van, not a scratch on him. 

He thought about possibly getting help, but he couldn’t leave.  He needed to be there when they all got back, when Brittany got back. 

He had no idea where things were going with her, but part of him was hoping that maybe, just maybe there was a chance for something.  It would be difficult explaining to his very Catholic mother the whole ‘dating a demon’ thing, but they could deal with that battle when they got to it.  Well, if they got to it.  He was already planning his future with her, and he had no idea how she really felt. 

A thick, morning mist hung over the park, obscuring his view of the fairway.  He squinted, hoping to make out the form of someone, anyone.  He just needed to know what was going on.  The not knowing was driving him crazy. 

Finally he saw the forms of people moving towards him through the fog.  It had to be them!

“Guys!”  He was up, waving his arms over his head.  “Guys, what happened?  Did you…” 

The words were ripped right out of his mouth when he saw the looks on their faces.  They were all battered and bruised, exhausted.  They were… they were short one. 

“Hey, where’s Brittany?”  He glanced around the group.  She wasn’t there. 

Max left Clare, and walked towards him, walked him away from the group, and towards the van. 

Once they were alone, Max spoke.  “Rico, I’m so sorry, but…” 

He felt that knot form in his throat.  “Don’t.  Do not tell me what I think you are going to tell me.  Please, just don’t.” 

“Rico…” Max’s voice quivered slightly, betraying his calm look.  “One of them got her.  She… she didn’t make it.” 

“No.  No, no, no, no.”  The word just kept repeating.  He couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t want to believe it.  Brittany was the pro at these things.  She was the one who was supposed to come back, unharmed. 

She wasn’t supposed to die.  Their story wasn’t supposed to end like this. 


I winced when I heard the anguished scream come from behind the van.  It hadn’t fully hit me yet, the whole blur of the battle was still clouding my mind. 

I knew it would, though.  Maybe it would be when we got home, or when I went back to the office, and she wasn’t there, at her desk, complaining about how we never took her out on jobs. 

I glanced at my friends, at my boyfriend.  Another battle down, and another piece of our soul damaged.  These jobs seemed to get worse and worse, and the more we fought, the more damaged we became. 

How long would it take for this wound to heal?  Would it ever actually heal? 

I knew I had no choice.  I knew I had to fight.  No one was forcing me, but if I didn’t fight… If we didn’t fight, then who knows what would happen to the world.  They had lost so much in that battle, and looking back, I had not taken much joy in seeing Grath struggle.  I thought I would have.  I thought seeing him die horribly would make all the pain he caused me go away. 

It didn’t.  Now that pain was worse.  I couldn’t shut down, though.  Not like last time.  This was not just my pain.  This was our pain, and I needed to be there for everyone else, the way had been there for me.  We were a team, a family, and the only support we truly had in this world was each other. 

“You ready to go home?”  Kurt put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to him. 

“Yeah.”  I nodded, and we both climbed into the car.