Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ruins pt. 40

My parents died during the first attack. 
My dad was on the EL when the demons raided his train. 
There were no survivors. 
My mom died trying to get my sister and I to safety. 
She told us she loved us before slamming the fire door shut, and locking us in the security stairwell. 
The door wasn’t thick enough to muffle her screams. 
Then there was my sister.
The memory of what had happened to her was still too fresh. 
I just told Alana that she was gone. 
That I was alone.
That Nora, Kay, Doug and I were the last of our little…
Village? Colony?
Whatever it was didn’t really matter.
It didn’t exist anymore.
For two years our home had held strong.
All it took was one door left open a crack, and everything was taken away. 

I could see Kay and Nora at the top of the steps leading into Lilac Park. 
Even through their smiles I could sense their pain.
I felt it, too.

We had nothing but each other right now.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Update for Eye See You!

So, Luke Connects will be the final storyline in Eye See You... season 1.  Season 2 is already being written, so don't worry, the story isn't ending.  No, it's actually expanding.  So, Season 2 of Eye See You, dubbed ESY: Infection, will debut a little while after Luke Connects ends.  Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!

Eye See You: Luke Connects pt. 9

When I regained my sight I was floating in a void. 
Bright, colorful lights zipped past me, around me, through me. 
I was… I was naked. 
My body felt light, not just in weight but in substance. 
I didn’t feel whole. 

“Welcome to my world.”
A figure floated across from me.
“The Digital Void, my playground.” 

He was tall, skinny.  His body was devoid of detail, and his face was hidden behind a kind of plain, white mask. 

He floated closer to me.
He started circling me.

I asked him who he was.

“You know me. “
His hand brushed my shoulder, and I was shocked by how vivid the sensation was.
“I know you.  I know you real well.  I know every detail about you.  I know every nook and cranny of your mind.”
His hand slid down my back, and then in one swift motion, his finger was inside me entering me in a place only Randy had been allowed.
“I even know your body.”

He laughed, and I felt him drawing closer. 

“Soon, Luke, you will learn to trust me. But I need to train you.  You aren’t really my normal type, but…”
His free hand wrapped around my neck.
“For you to truly be a game master, I think I need to break you first.”

I tried to scream, but nothing came out.

I was trapped.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Dark Lesson pt. 8

When Amanda gained consciousness she found herself lying on the couch in her office. Matt sat across from her, in the chair she usually used when she was working with clients.  He was watching her, his brow creased with worry. 
She sat up, wincing at the throbbing pain in her temples.  It felt like her brain was being boiled in her skull.  The pain made her stomach lurch, and she leaned forward, ready for her stomach to make an emergency evacuation. 
"Guess I don't have to ask you how you're feeling," Matt said as he moved from the chair to a spot on the couch next to her.  "I'm guessing you feel like hell, or maybe... shit." 
"How'd you know," she said, smiling.  She took a deep breath, and her stomach settled. 
"Call it husband's intuition," he said. 
"Did I hit my head?" asked Amanda.
"No," he said, "at least, Joanna said you didn't.  Clare told me... well, she told me a lot of stuff.  Most of it I don't get, a good chunk of it I think is crazy, but one thing she did say is that your brain is experiencing a time line combination, and that the process was... not very pleasant." 
"Time line combination?" Amanda looked at him. 
He shrugged. "You know how I feel about that supernatural, mumbo jumbo stuff. Most of it went over my head, anyways." 
Unlike Amanda, and the rest of her friends for that matter, Matt had never crossed into the other world.  His mind hadn't retained any of the memories of what had happened before their timelines had been altered.  In truth, her memories hadn't been all that clear in the first place, but she had retained a general idea of what had happened to her.  Now things were coming back to her, clearer and more real. 
Debbie had been there, in that dream.  No, not a dream, a memory.  She had been a part of what had happened to Amanda, and to the other women. 
She needed to talk to Debbie.

That was when they heard the scream. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tentacle University pt. 7

Whitley crouched low on high branch, the thick bunching of leaves and his dark clothes helped him blend into the darkness that seemed to swallow up the dense woods behind the frat house.  He had sensed the creature too late, and now two more people were dead. 

He was out of practice.  His skills were rusty, and his senses dulled.  He and Charlotte had spent too much time playing Dean and assistant, and not enough time preparing themselves for when the dimensional rip would appear.  As he watched the security guard’s body shrivel and waste away he could feel a tug of guilt in his gut. 

He should have sensed the Mythos. 

He watched as the creature’s slick, writhing tentacles retracted back into the small, quivering slits in its shoulder blades.  Then it reached down, easily scooping up both emaciated bodies in one large, gnarled hand.  Quickly its skin began to darken, from gray to a pitch black, and it slipped back into the trees. 

This is was the first thing that seemed to be working in Whitley’s favor.  The last thing he needed to do was have a potentially public showdown with the Mythos in the backyard of a frat house.  Sure, the campus was quiet tonight, but a violent battle was sure to draw attention, and more potential victims. 

He could hear the creature moving beneath him, and Whitley began to follow, doing his best to keep a safe distance.  While the creature stuck to the ground, Whitley stayed high up, the branches creating a perfect pathway through the thick growth of trees.  Although he was built thick and muscular, each movement was perfectly timed and graceful, creating minimal noise as he leapt from one branch to the next.  If anyone had been able to see him, and Whitely had made damn sure to keep his visibility as low as possible, they would have thought that he was floating through the air. 

The Mythos was picking up speed, and Whitley found himself struggling to keep up.  A crackle and buzz in the small earpiece hidden in his right ear made him flinch. 

“You find him yet?”  Charlotte’s faded in and out as she spoke, bursts of static making her hard to understand. 

“I’ve got eyes.”  Whitley scanned below him.  “Fuck.”

“What?” The static got worse. 

“I had eyes.”  He froze, perching high on a branch.  “I lost him.  Damn it, Charlotte.” 

“What way was he heading?” The static eased a bit, and Charlotte’s voice came in clearer. 

“Looked like he was going back towards the main campus.  I think he…”  Whitley didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence. 

There was a loud woosh of air, and then something collided with Whitley’s back.  It was light, but the impact was enough to throw off Whitely’s balance, sending him toppling off the branch, and onto the rocky ground below. 

He landed with a hard thumb, the earpiece knocked loose.  He felt a shooting pain in his side as his torso connected with a rock.  It felt like two of his ribs had cracked.  He opened his mouth to cry out in pain, but the fall had knocked the wind out of him.  He was grateful for that.  Calling out would only draw more attention to him, and he was in deep enough shit as it was. 

Gritting his teeth he rolled onto his back, the pain in his side increasing.  He tried to take in a breath, and found that he couldn’t.  His cracked rib must have punctured his lung.  He was in even deeper shit than he thought. 

“Whitely?”  The faint sound of Charlotte’s voice traveled from the discarded earpiece.  “Whitely, what’s going on?” 

Whitely turned his head towards the sound of Charlotte’s voice, and could now clearly see what had knocked him off the branch.  Sprawled out on the ground, it’s skull now almost completely caved in, was the body of the security guard. 

“Such a pest.”  A low, raspy voice seemed to call out from all directions.  “A Hen Warrior, here at this quaint little college.  Would have guessed.”  There was laughter.  “And they didn’t even send their best after me.  I’m offended.” 

“Fuck you.” Whitely managed to croak out the two words, then doubled over in pain.  Air was leaking into his chest cavity, and the increased pressure was enough to make him see stars. 

“No,” the voice continued, “I think it’ll be you who’ll be fucked.” 

The voice was replaced by the sound of the rustling of fallen leaves and small twigs being pushed aside.  He didn’t need to look to know what was heading towards him. 


He hated tentacles.  He had never been on the offending end of one before.  Most demons usually chose female victims due to some evolutionary imperative to mate.  Now he was getting an in person demonstration as to what all those poor women had suffered. 

He felt something wrap around his right ankle, then his left.  His legs were pulled wide.  Something slick and sticky wrapped around his neck, and he felt his body roughly lifted off the ground, his legs splayed.  He tried to reach up, to pull the tentacle away from his neck, but his wrist was caught before he could even make contact, and his right arm was violently wrenched behind him.  The left soon followed. 

In his mind he kept repeating one phrase over and over again.  He couldn’t open his mouth.  No matter how much it hurt, no matter how bad the pain got, he could not scream, he could not part his lips, not even one inch. 

Two red eyes burned bright in the darkness before him.  He heard a soft chuckle. “Tight lips won’t stop me.  Won’t even slow me down.  There are… other wholes I can use.  Plan to, actually. Hope you don’t mind.”  

Before Whitley could register what exactly the Mythos had just said to him there was a sharp rush of air, and the tentacle around his neck went slack, falling to the dirt below. 

The other tentacles that bound him pulled back, releasing him, dropping him down onto the ground.  When he landed, he screamed.  He couldn’t help it.  Once his eyes stopped watering he looked up.  There was Charlotte, tall and sleek, sword in hand.  Bright blue liquid dripped from the blade. 

The Mythos hissed, but didn’t attack.

“Can you walk?” She didn’t turn to him as she spoke, instead keeping her focus on the two glowing, red eyes that watched them both. 

“Maybe,” rasped Whitely. 

“You little bitch.”  The creature laughed again, louder this time.  “Don’t worry, there are plenty more where that came from.  Not tonight, though, and definitely not for you.  Not my type.  However, I’ll do you a service, just this once.  Collect your man, and lick your wounds.  Next time we meet, I expect a real fight.” 

The glowing eyes blinked out,  and the faint sound of running feet could be heard, heading away from them and into the impenetrable dark of the woods.

He could see Charlotte’s body relax, her sword dropping to her side.  She turned to him, shaking her head. 

“You look like shit,” she said. 

“Feel like it, too.” And with those few, strained words, Whitley passed out.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eye See You: Luke Connects pt. 16

I lift her off the bed easily.  She feels weightless, and I feel infinitely strong. She whimpers, struggling against me, but unable to make contact with my body.  As her free arm swipes at me her fingers just pass right through. 

I toss her, and her body goes flying.  She slams into the wall with a loud thump then crashes to the floor.  She sits up, gasping for air, the wind knocked out of her.  I move quickly, grabbing her again.  I chose the throat this time.  I need to keep her from screaming. 

With one hand clutching her throat I grab her arm again, and I pull. 

The flesh rips and the bones crack with ease.  I pull her apart as if she was made of paper.  Blood gushes, splashing to the floor in a violent waterfall of crimson.  I grab and rip, grab and rip.