Accidental Demon Slayers


One day, while looking for a job, you wander into a coffee shop.  Next thing you know you are being attacked by a demonic employee, and you find out you are the host to an all powerful, demon hunting goddess.  
Well, at least the job comes with benefits.  

Accidental Demon Slayers is a comedy/horror visual novel that follows one man's quest to save the world from certain doom, and manage to have a normal life while doing it.  

Do you have what it takes to save the world?  Can you make the right choices?  Can you save everyone?  

Only you decide. 

Download Accidental Demon Slayers for free at the link below. 

Warning! Accidental Demon Slayers is intended for mature audiences, and contains strong language, adult themes, and implied tentacles... 


   Created by:  Bobby Stringini
    Original Music by: Michael Chait
    Stock Music by: RP-Music
    Game Character Art by: Blue Forest  
    Game BG Art by: KyuKyuKyu
    All stock Charcter, Music and BG packs available at (some website content NSFW) 
    This game was made using the Ren'Py game engine.  Check it out at Ren'