Friday, January 29, 2016


Missy, Gus and the gang return on Monday, with the start of New Pom Pom Angel, and its first story arc "First Dates"!

Tentacle University pt. 25

Cherry had moved as quickly as she could, but by the time she had reached the dance building, she could feel the Mythos’s aura fading. It wasn’t moving, so much as it was just disappearing. It was odd.  She reached out with her mind, trying to sense him, trying to locate it. 


“Fuck,” she muttered to herself. 

She took a deep breath, and tried to focus.  She needed to go inside.  There might be some clue as to where the Mythos had gone, or what it was up to.  She pushed through the  heavy wood doors that led into the dark building. 

The hallway was wide and deserted, the only illumination coming from the few security lamps that lined the walls.  There was a residual aura trail, and she followed the energy, moving towards the swinging doors that led into the auditorium.  She braced herself, knowing that anything could await her on the other side.  Steeling herself, she pushed the doors open, and stepped into the auditorium. 

She started to scream, and quickly covered her mouth. 

Dangling from the closed stage curtains, her arms splayed out like Jesus on the cross, was Mickey.  Her throat had been ripped out, and her belly ripped open.  Her intestines dangled from the bloody, gaping wound, and blood soaked the thick fabric of the stage curtains, leading down to a growing puddle on the floor of the stage. 

“Oh God,” she whispered, involuntarily taking a step backwards, her shoulder bumping against the swinging door.  She felt her stomach tighten, then lurch.  She couldn’t help it, she fell to her knees, her stomach heaved, and she vomited. 

She hadn’t been ready for that.  She hadn’t been ready to see Mickey like that. Mickey had been her best friend, her first friend at Hartford.  Now she was dangling from a pair of curtains like some sick mockery of the crucifixion. 

A laugh echoed through the auditorium, and Cherry snapped back to reality.  The curtain suddenly pulled away, dropping Mickey’s body to the stage with a vicious splat.  The laugh grew louder as the curtains pulled apart, revealing the stage. 

“Surprise,” said a male voice.

Cherry choked back another scream.

A man sat on a chair in the middle of the stage.  He was naked, his shoulders and back were arched, and tentacles slithered from bloodless slits in his skin. It wasn’t the tentacles that shocked her though.  It was the people entangled in them. 

Four men, three of which she recognized, were suspended above the stage, their bodies naked and writhing in disgusting ecstasy as the tentacles slid across their skin, and entered them in rough, violent thrusts. She watched as her own brother reached out, grabbing one of the tentacles and pulled it into his mouth, his breath coming in pre-orgasmic gasps. 

Her own brother!

The man stood up, his body on full display now.  His skin looked as if it was starting to tear away, and she could see glimpses of the monster underneath.  She fought back the building fear, and braced herself.  This was the battle she had been trying to avoid, but this was the battle she needed to fight. 

She pulled the blades from under her sweater, and stalked towards the stage. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eye See You: Infection pt. 18

Dina came home with us.  There was no way she was going back to her apartment, alone. After everything we had just seen, we had all decided that we were better off together. 

My mother had gone upstairs not long after we had gotten home, and Dina and I had settled into the kitchen. 

We sat in silence for a few minutes. 

Dina spoke first. “I… I’m sorry about your dad.” 

“Me, too.” I bit my lip.  “Funny thing is, I had actually managed to get all the electronics out of the house.  Didn’t matter, though.  My dad was so stubborn that he had gone out to the trash, and…” I let out a single laugh that quickly turned into a sob.  “He was a stubborn man.”

“Most dads are.” 

I tried to respond, but found that the only noise I was capable of making was another sob.  Then it hit me like a tidal wave. 

My father was dead.  My friends were dead.  Something had tried to kill my mother. 

Unknown Sender, or Virus, or whatever the fuck was floating around out there was actively destroying not only my life, but the lives of everyone I cared about. 

I started crying, and I couldn’t stop. 

Dina stood up, walked over to me, and without a word said, wrapped her arms around me

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rituals pt. 4

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but when I was suddenly jolted awake by the sound of crashing glass it was still dark outside. 

I heard a loud screech, then more glass shattering. 

“Shit!” Doug was scrambling to his feet, pulling a long machete out of his bag. 

“Where’d you get that?” I looked around trying to find my weapon. 

“A parting gift from Marcus.”  Doug didn’t look at me when he spoke. 

His eyes were focused on the gray skinned creatures slithering through the broken windows of the church.  Their skin was glistening and smooth, the space where their eyes should have been nothing but smooth skin, their noses serpentine slits. 

They shrieked so loud I had to cover my ears. 

I glanced around, trying to take in the situation.  Then I felt my blood freeze. 

Where was Alana?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Eye See You: Infection pt. 17

“Must have been some kind of bomb or something.”

I was listening to the cops passing by me.  

“What kind of bomb does that?”

“No clue.  But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this.” 

One of the cops glanced at Dina, my mother and myself.  He give his head a slight nod.  He lowered his voice, and whispered his next comment to his fellow officer.  He shouldn’t have bothered.  I knew exactly what he was asking him. 

He was wondering if we had anything to do with it. 

It made me angry to think that some son of a bitch who had no idea as to what had actually happened could even casually accuse us.  They had no idea what we had seen, or been through. 

They had no idea what we had lost. 

“Dave.” My mom gave my arm a gentle squeeze. “Let it go, okay?”

I looked at her, and could see the fear in her eyes. How could she not be afraid.  She had just lost her husband, and not an hour after the funeral is done she sees an entire diner full of people meet similar fates. 

“Okay.” I give her a weak smile.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Tentacle University pt. 24

It didn’t take long for Mickey to jump him when he walked onto the stage.  Peter had been ready for her, his hands grabbing her round ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

“Sorry that took so long.” His voice was breathy, broken up by Mickey kissing him. 

She was voracious, her hands clawing at his clothes, her mouth moving from his lips to his neck.  She nibbled at his earlobe, and he felt a shudder move through his body.  She ground his hips into him. 

He lowered her down onto the stage, his lips matching her motion.  She looked up at him, smiling. 

“Cherry doesn’t know, right?” She ran her finger along his lips. 

“Not a clue.” His hand gave her breast a squeeze. 

With that formality out of the way they continued pawing at each other.  She pulled his pants down, the skin on his bare ass feeling the cool prickle of the air conditioning in the auditorium. 

He was so focused on Mickey that he never noticed the slim, slick object slithering across the stage towards them.  He didn’t see it until it was already wrapped around Mickey’s neck.  He didn’t even have time to scream when the tentacle suddenly wrapped tight around her neck, and she was yanked violently from under him. 

She went flying across the stage, her arms and legs flailing frantically, and then she was gone, lost to the shadows of the right wing of the stage. 

He yelled, “Mickey!”

She let out one, blood curdling scream.


Devon and Marco were climbing the stairs to the dance building when they heard the scream.  It was short, but ear splitting. 

“Oh God,” Devon said, “not again.” 

Marco didn’t even speak.  He just took off into the building, pulling his gun as he did so. 

Devon was running behind him, trying to keep up, but Marco was in much better shape than he was, and obviously had years of experience with dealing with this stuff. 

They heard another scream, this time the voice was male. 


Devon pushed harder, running faster.  He was right behind Marco now. 

“It came from the auditorium!” Devon’s voice was raspy and shallow.  He couldn’t catch his breath. 

They reached the auditorium seconds later, pushing through the large, swinging double doors.  The stage lights were one,  and there was Peter, suspended above the stage, weird snake like creatures pulsing over his skin.  He was naked, his body twisting and turning as the things probed him, explored his body. 

Standing center stage was a young man, someone Devon had seen before, but couldn’t place.  His shirt was off, revealing a scrawny, pale chest.  The skin on his shoulders was rippling, the snake like creatures slithering out from him. 

The young man looked at Devon and Marco.  He was smiling. 

“Just a little bit.  Enough to keep him compliant.”  He took a step forward.  “You’ll understand soon enough.” 

Then, without warning, several tentacles shot down the center aisle towards Marco and Devon.