Friday, February 27, 2015

Letters from the Dead pt. 20

“He’s right.  I knew how he felt.”
Sebastian was chewing his lower lip now.
“I knew how he felt, and I led him on.  I was a shit to him. Used him to get off.”
He kept chewing. 

I could see a little dribble of blood seep past his teeth. 

Sebastian looked at my. 
He didn’t look like the shithead punk I was so used to.
No, he looked like a scared child.

“He was my best friend, and I used him.”
He laughed.
“Fuck, he’s probably the only person who ever really loved me.”
His laughter turned into sobs. 

I did something I never did, not with any of the students. 
I hugged him.
I hugged him because I knew the guilt that he was carrying inside, and that he would probably carry for a real long time.

Then something clicked in my head.
A connection.

Our guilt.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eye See You: Luke pt. 10

She stood on a bridge, looking down at the train yard.  She didn’t look at us as we approached. 

“I’m not letting whatever is sending those messages decided how I die.” 

She was swaying, her belly bumping into the thick stone of the railing. 

We rush forward, she leans forward, we freeze and she stops. 

“We can fight this.” 


I don’t know.  Randy doesn’t know. 

“We can find a way.” Randy takes a tentative step forward. “We can ask Dave to help us.” 

She looks at us. 

“No one can help us.  We are helpless.  We are hopeless.” 

She looks down at the tracks below.  A gust of cold wind blasts her hair back, sprinkling her tears through the air. 

She sighs. 

“We. Are. Fucked.”

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ruins pt. 9

Five of us made it out. 
Four of us had been on watch. 
One, a little girl, had hid. 

Five of us were left to burn our little village.
There were no funerals, no burials. 
If we mourned, we mourned in private. 

As our little city burned, we moved on, looking for the next place, the next hope. 

Five of us. 
Out of more than one hundred people, there were five of us. 
Out of thirty children, one had survived.

My sister was not one of the five.

I watched as the little home she had built, in our little city, burned to the ground.

She burned with it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eye See You: Luke pt. 9

Bella wasn’t there when Randy and I woke up. 

He was panicked.  I didn’t try to calm him. 
Calming him would cost us time.

“Why would she leave?” 
She was scared. 

“Where would she go?”
He knew her better than I did. 

He paused, his eyes seeming to drift away from me. 

He moved, rushing to the door.  I followed him, not asking questions.  Questions took time. 

Time was something we didn’t have.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Letters from the Dead pt. 19


You ripped my heart out, but I forgive you.
You knew how I felt.
I thought you felt the same. 
Guess I was the dumbass this time. 
Well, the past is the past.
I’ve passed, but I haven’t passed on. 
No, not until I give you that night you’ll never forget.
It’ll be even more memorable then the first time we did it dirty and hard back behind my house.
You remember that?
 I do.  I think about it all the time.  It gives this stiff a stiffy.

Oh, you won’t forget what I have planned.
Not for as long as you live. 

I’ll see you at prom, Bastian my man. 
Save me a dance, and maybe a kiss under the moonlight.
One last kiss, Bastian. 

Sit and Spin,

Tommy DeMarco