Friday, July 31, 2015

Letters from the Dead pt. 64

I didn’t have time to react.
I didn’t even have time to protest.
My body was up, off the ground, and flying across the room. 
I spun, my arms lifting, my palms turning out.

I felt the hard wood of the crucifix.
The impact knocked the air from my lungs.
My vision went blurry.

This was really happening to me.

When my vision cleared I could see Cherish standing in front of me.

“Suffer for your guilt, and you shall be set free.”
Her voice was soft, playful. 

I was terrified.

I looked down at Cherish’s youthful, smiling face.
Only one word passed my lips.

“You are in the way.”
The smile grew, but there was no kindness behind it. 
“Wheaton Prep will be ours.  Another tool for us, just as The Church of the New Day will help expand our reach, so will your precious school.” 

For a brief moment the image of Cherish flickered, replaced by Trisha King.
Only for a moment, though.
Then I was left looking into the cold dead eyes of a person I had always secretly wished I would see again.

There was a loud whooshing sound, and I looked up just in time to see a large railroad spike flying through the room towards me.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eye See You: Randy Connects pt. 12

As I walk back towards my building I feel the weight of everything returning.  The afterglow was wearing off. The real world was taking its place.

He’s closer than you think.

What did that text mean?
The obvious was that the Unknown Sender was somewhere close.

What if it meant something else, something more?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ruins pt. 31

As we walked along the crumbling path I found myself unable to take my eyes off of Alana. 
She was stunning.

I felt a tug on my hand. 
I looked down at Nora.

“My mom told me it wasn’t polite to stare.”
She giggled.

Alana turned. 
She looked at Nora, smiling.
When she smiled her eyes lit up. 

“I think she’s beautiful. Do you?”
Nora did her best attempt at whispering.
It was like a raspy shout.

I laughed.
I nodded. 

Alana was beautiful.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eye See You: Randy Connects pt. 11

As we are getting dressed I ask him about the earpiece.
I try my best to sound casual.
I say that I thought he would want to be less connected to his phone considering…
Well, considering our situation.

He doesn’t look at me. He quickly snatches the offending object up, and hides it in his pocket.

“I still need to work.”
He still doesn’t look at me.
“As crazy as things are, our lives haven’t stopped.  Not yet.” 

He sits on the edge of the bed, his back to me. 
I crawl to him, wrapping my arms around him.  I kiss his neck.

“I’m trying to figure out a way where we don’t have to worry about that.  Our lives stopping, I mean. “ 
I feel his shoulders tense.
“Not forever, but… You know what I mean.” 

I tell him I understand. 
He finally looks me in the eyes, and I see an intensity that I have never seen before.

“I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.” 
Those words were meant to give me peace, but they didn’t.

They scared me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Letters from the Dead pt. 63

Cherish looked… normal.
She looked alive.
She was smiling at me, swaying back and forth as if listening to some song that I couldn’t hear. 

“Did you miss me?”
She giggled.

I had missed her. I did miss her.
She was my friend.  A friend I thought I had lost. 
I stepped towards her, and suddenly I felt my body go rigid.

“Are you ready, Felicia?”
Her eyes locked on mine.


“Too bad.”

She giggled.